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Providing SEO For Law Firms is Our Passion

While Lawyer SEO is our passion, your Law Firm’s success is our goal. Amidst the plethora of updates to search engine algorithms, our clients have managed to stay at the top of the search engine results, while helping them attract the right clients to grow their business.

Our focus on driving superior ROI for our clients is directly attributed to the nature of our services, with the primary focus on the careful engineering of our optimization offerings. We focus on keeping businesses profitable by attaining the rankings you need while drastically increasing profits through dedicated market research. This intuitive process will help you get more clients. Here at Advocate SEO, we take pride in our services and strongly believe that the results will speak for themselves.

Serving our clients has always been of the upmost priority; however, it’s also become much more complicated. SEO is not what it used to be. It’s not just about links any more. There are key off-site metrics, website restructuring issues, content curation, the presence of the Semantic Web, and many more key ingredients that go into successfully creating a campaign in addition to the management of these services.

Over the years we’ve stood by what we know best: organic search. It’s allowed us great success in one area and it’s why so many successful law firms rely on us to help them get more clients from their websites. These continued relationships mean a lot to us, and to our clients!

Is your law firm looking to grow? If so, we would like to perform a free analysis of the top local law firms in your City, showing you exactly how they get more clients. Click here to get started. Even if you don’t use our services we believe that you will benefit immensely from the free report.


Chris Walker
Founder of Advocate SEO


Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

Attorney SEO is about creating web pages that show up organically in search engine results. But on the highest level, optimization is all about finding your target audience and guiding them to the information they want and need. That’s where we come in! We understand that SEO for law firms is more than just rankings, it’s about driving leads that will convert into clients. This is exactly how we accomplish just that.

seo consulting

SEO Consulting

We want your campaign launch to be as strong as possible. Our experts will Audit your Firm’s website to make sure it’s not being held back by any hidden algorithmic penalties, as more than 50% of the sites we analyze are.

Competition Analysis

We work with aggressive law firms that are looking to grow their practice. Emphasis is placed on understanding exactly what you need in order to ensure that your campaign becomes a huge success.

Market Research

Each and every City comes with it’s own unique structure of emphasized search terms. Using the latest SEO tools and services, we will effectively research your campaign launch to ensure optimal results.

SEO Strategy

SEO is constantly changing. Our services have been engineered to be the most effective available. We work hard every day to develop and strengthen the best strategy for your website, backed by more than a decade of research and continuous testing.

Keyword Tracking

Keywords are an integral part of SEO and will be the focus of your campaign. Tracking the movement of your keywords just makes sense. What we enjoy most about the tracking results is seeing all of the top-tier listings we’ve helped our clients reach over the years.

Campaign Planning

SEO campaigns don’t just rank overnight. It takes considerable research and planning to rank in the #1, #2 and #3 positions. Our skilled team possesses the strategic mindset required to effectively achieve the results you need while focusing on your long-term success.

Your Partner in Legal SEO

Teamwork Drives Success

You’re looking to grow your business, we get it. Our agency provides carefully engineered services with one goal in mind, to get you more clients while providing you a great return on investment.

We understand exactly what it takes to drive results in this business. Our focus is on the end-game. Rest assured in knowing that the results are just as important to us as they are to you. Quality is important to us; we don’t cut corners. When you retain our firm we will aggressively pursue your goals, helping you attract your ideal new clients.

We Bring Peace of Mind

We understand that relationships with vendors can’t always be perfect. However, we strive to make our client relations as stress free as possible. We’ve eliminated all the unnecessary stuff that most SEO sales teams attempt to push on clients, creating a streamlined process to facilitate the easiest route for success. With our focus on quality work, attention to detail and our dedication to making our SEO services the best they can be, we know that you will be happy to call us your partner. Rest easy and know that you are in good hands.

No Lengthy Commitments

Your satisfaction with our results is extremely important to us; we know that you will be! Our end results almost make it appear as though we have direct access to the search algorithm! In fact, we’re so confident in our abilities that we don’t believe in lengthy contracts. Our success is yours and we’re in this for the long-haul.  We focus on building long lasting relations with all our clients by delivering services that facilitate higher rankings over your competitors, every time.

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