Our Approach

Is your brand local? If you’re going to target local consumers that are using local search modifiers (service + City/State) then making sure that your website is communicating that localization effectively to the search engines is going to be vital to your success.

We feel that capitalizing on this search factor is an important SEO strategy for those businesses where the best leads often revolve around location based searches.

Not only does localization have an impact on your positioning in the organic SERPS (top 10 results*) but it has an impact on what many refer to as the “map pack” which is what some in the industry like to single out as local SEO.

To us, if your business is dependent on location based searches then localization is important. While many may separate these two, the fact remains that they are highly dependent on one another in the mind of the searcher.

Showing up in the map pack and then showing up in the organic results strengthens your brand and increases the likelihood of capturing the click. These clicks are what eventually turn into high quality leads.

The technicalities aren’t nearly as important as the leads your business can be generating from capitalizing on localization itself. 

Through more than a decade of research around localization we’ve created a process that helps local law firms not only communicate their location to the search engines effectively but to manage this in the most efficient way possible.

Our knowledge of how this process works allows our clients to capitalize off of the many benefits that increased local positioning offers.

*traditional 10 blue links

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