SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers In Phoenix

Aside from being the hottest city in the United States, Phoenix is the most populated capital city in the country. I know one thing, in a city of more than 1.6 million people there are bound to be lots of personal injury cases created on a daily basis.

If you own a personal injury law firm in Arizona then Phoenix is definitely going to be part of your target market considering it accounts for 23% of the entire state population.

My goal is to show your firm what’s possible when you capitalize on an SEO strategy in a city like Phoenix. I’m going to show you what that would look like.

I do know one thing, there’s definitely room for competition.

I’m going to share enough information with you so that you can understand how important SEO for personal injury law firms in Phoenix really is.

Let’s get to the data.

Personal Injury SEO Meets Big Data

So, where does the data come from? And how does it impact your firm?

The data comes from ISPs or internet service providers so you know it’s fairly reliable.

We know be researching the competition in Phoenix exactly what search terms these law firms rank for as well as position.

We can make a solid guesstimate using this data to determine how much traffic they are getting to their website from personal injury related search terms.

After studying five of the most competitive firms in Phoenix we see that there is definitely room for more competition. There’s one standout organically but every market can handle more than one.

Using this data you can take your Phoenix personal injury SEO campaign to the next level, whether you work with us or another firm. Having and understanding the data is the important part.

I’m going to show you how much traffic these firms are getting so that you can see exactly what a great SEO strategy can do for you.

Law Firm SEO Expert

Chris Walker, Founder

Law Firm SEO Expert

It’s time for your firm to take your share of the traffic that’s circulating the search engines on a daily basis in the Phoenix metro.

We think you will find this information truly valuable to your future marketing plans and hope that you enjoy our research on your local market.

Let’s get into the raw traffic data and introduce you to how we do SEO.

SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers in PhoenixLamber GoodnowLerner and Rowe Injury AttorneysPhillips Law GroupZanes LawBreyer Law Offices

Lamber Goodnow

Lamber Goodnow

Lamber Goodnow

2394 E Camelback Rd #600

Phoenix, AZ 85016


phone:  (602) 274-9662

The award for the most text on a home page goes to Lamber Goodnow. Not to mention they are driving some high value organic search engine traffic to their website.

I don’t usually talk much about good SEO outside of our work here but I can say that whoever is handling their SEO at the moment has a solid grasp on how important some of the technical SEO factors really are.

Their site structure was probably lacking up front so I’m not sure you could blame that on the company they are currently working with. It’s not how I would have handled it personally as a different structure up front could have been much more effective long term, so there’s always that to consider. They could have focused on creating less content while making much more effective use of the content they do create.

It almost looks as if the other locations they serve have been put on the back burner for now. With some TLC these locations could be just as strong.

As far as the off-page SEO goes, this looks fairly solid as well. It’s a rare day when I can say this as far as SEO campaigns outside of our company go. It figures that a couple guys with an education from Harvard and NYU Law School could figure out how to hire a smart SEO team. If you ever have a breakup with your current SEO firm, give us a call.

Assuming they’re converting their high value traffic at a top-tier rate then they’re probably bringing in more than 10 leads per day to their firm. Even if they are converting at mid-tier they are bringing in seven leads per day and at the low tier a few leads per day. This means that they get their pick of high value cases.

Lamber Goodnow SEO

Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys

Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys

Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys

2701 E Camelback Rd #140

Phoenix, AZ 85016


phone:  (602) 977-1900

It looks like the Learner & Rowe team has a total of fourteen personal injury attorneys handling cases between their ten offices in Arizona. How many of those attorneys are practicing specifically in the Phoenix Arizona office I couldn’t tell you.

When looking thought the website you can tell that these folks are real people that really do seem to care. They say they are more than just a law firm and I personally believe it. With that in mind I’m sure that they are converting those organic visits into case leads.

Assuming they are converting traffic at a mid-tier rate, they are bringing in seven case leads per day. These are the kind of numbers that lead to a firm’s ability to pick and choose the most prestigious cases. And you can see on their results page that they’ve had some solid wins for their clients.

As far as the on-page SEO strategy goes, it looks like they are making fairly effective use of their content. As you dig into the site it does become a bit splintered though. This ultimately just creates a need for more backlinks which is a time consuming process.

Speaking of backlinks, I don’t see a ton of recently created high quality backlinks pointing to the site, at least not a lot that aren’t self created or created by their own websites linking to one another. Considering they already have an established website, making better use of a strategic backlink building campaign would help put this firm on another level, helping to drive new case leads like never before.

Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys SEO

Phillips Law Group

Phillips Law Group

Phillips Law Group

3101 N Central Ave #1500

Phoenix, AZ 85012


phone:  (602) 258-8888

With a team of 18 personal injury lawyers it looks like they’ve got the team to handle large cases. If you look over their verdicts and settlements page you can clearly see that they’ve had some big wins for their clients.

With 3800 visits per month to their website you can safely assume that they are getting at least a couple of new case leads per day. This is if their website is converting poorly.

With the wide array of cases they look to handle there’s not much you could throw their way that they couldn’t take on but as a consumer it would have me a bit concerned that they are splitting their lawyers between seven different locations and more than 40 different practice areas. This is obviously just an observation and something to consider if a firm is trying to convert a higher percentage of leads into actual cases.

As far as off-page SEO is concerned their link building is not the best it could be. Some of the sites their links are coming from look to be created just for the purpose of link building. As an experienced SEO these posts are easy to spot. This tactic isn’t really that sustainable in the long run. Getting your clients links from real websites may be more difficult but it’s the only way to go in my professional opinion.

If Phillips Law Group cleaned up their link building they would be able make a much better play for highly competitive terms. This is probably one of the reasons their organic traffic has taken a sharp decline.

During the middle of the year they were attracting 13,000 visits per month. There has to be a reason for the sharp decline and link attrition (or at least what Google counts as attrition algorithmically) could be the culprit.

Phillips Law Group SEO

Zanes Law

Zanes Law

Zanes Law

4222 E. Thomas Rd, #100Phoenix, Arizona 85018


phone:  (602) 999-9999

Zanes Law sports a team of five to help you fight the big guys. This looks to be a family affair, meaning the members of the team are considered to be or actually are family members. This is an interesting concept for someone looking for a team to support their case. I wonder just how well the website converts.

Assuming they are converting at the mid-tier rate and the website traffic is high quality, they are bringing in more than four leads per day. When I say high quality traffic I’m referring to visitors that are more likely to be at the bottom of the funnel, essentially they are ready to hand their case over to a lawyer today.

If this is the case then Zanes Law is doing quite well for themselves. They handle dog bites, bicycle accidents, brain injuries, burn injuries, car accidents, construction accidents, hernia mesh lawsuits, mesothelioma cases, motorcycle accidents, neck and back injuries and nursing home abuse. A lot of these can fall under similar type of skills which boasts well for handling these cases effectively.

I’m not in agreement with how they’ve handled their website structure as I do believe there are much easier ways, ways that don’t involve creating so much duplicate style content in the end. As far as their off-site SEO goes, it’s not looking as good as it could.

There are lots of links from sites that easily be created by anyone, social media type links. That’s fine but you have to know what you’re doing to get credit from these sites and oftentimes it’s not worth the effort. A better way is to reach out to high quality websites and write content for them. If they went this route their SEO campaign would be performing at a higher level than it currently is. It’s just a lot more time consuming but it’s also a lot more effective.

While they’ve definitely made great use of the FAQ section of the website, the other portions could use some help. It seems like they’re spreading themselves thin trying to rank in several different locations before they’ve dominated in one.

Zanes Law SEO

Breyer Law Offices

Breyer Law Offices

Breyer Law Offices

3840 E Ray Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85044


phone:  (480) 588-8508

The husband and wife team are a duo to be reckoned with. With over $100 million won for their clients you can see their cases won clearly on their case results page.

I personally like brands like this that feel small, personal and strong. Obviously it’s speaking to others as well since they’ve won so many cases over the years with a 98% success rate. They seem to hold quite a few events and look to build community which as marketers we all know is important.

They specialize in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death all under the personal injury umbrella. You can easily find their reviews from past clients, law guides, information on fees and more.

Assuming their organic SEO campaign is driving 2400 visits per month and that the firm is converting at a mid-tier rate, they are driving several new case leads per day. Not bad for a husband and wife team.

The website is fairly sound although the organization part I would have done a bit differently up front. They could definitely use a solid link building campaign so that they can get even more traction for their most valuable keywords around personal injury lawyers in Phoenix.

The problem with attorney SEO marketing companies is that they often sell a website and some content. That’s what they know how to do and that’s fine but they leave law firms hanging. Without a top notch off-page SEO campaign it makes competing in the personal injury law space impossible, at least for the highest converting and most competitive search terms in the personal injury space.

Those leads will be left to the law firms that take SEO seriously for the long term. The market in Phoenix is wide open and ready for someone’s firm to come in and take their share of the new case leads created every single day in the city of Phoenix, Tucson and surrounding areas.

Breyer Law Offices SEO

SEO For Personal Injury Lawyers In Phoenix Arizona

We offer full and exclusive SEO campaign management services for select personal injury attorneys and currently have an opening in Phoenix Arizona. We price our services on a monthly basis. If you’re interested in learning more about the local Phoenix market please call us today at 800-405-0060.

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