SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers In Atlanta

Atlanta is known as the birthplace of the American civil rights movement. Like the phoenix rising Atlanta is a symbol of power and growth as one of the top markets in the country.

That’s important if you’re a personal injury law firm. The ability to reach lots of people in a close knit area is important. It’s important for your firm growth and stability.

Our goal is to show you exactly what’s available to you from an organic traffic perspective. Since we’re an exclusive law firm SEO business, it’s what we do.

If you can get benefit from our research then we’re doing our job. 

How tough is the competition? Although competitive, Atlanta is wide open for a firm that’s ready to grow to come in and take the market by storm.

Lucky for you we are going to lay out the big data from ISP providers so that you can make an informed decision because as you will see, a well thought out personal injury lawyer SEO campaign in Atlanta can make you the big firm down the street.

On to the data…

SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers In Atlanta

If there’s one thing we noticed about Atlanta, it’s the size of the market coupled with the opportunity due to shy competition.

It’s a great place to setup shop and a great place to grow a personal injury practice.

All we’re saying is that the Atlanta market, although competitive, is wide open for the taking.

If you’re in Atlanta Georgia and you’re considering an SEO campaign for your personal injury law firm, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Not every market in the U.S. provides this opportunity, so congratulations on being in the right place at the right time.

My goal is to give you an idea of just how impactful an organic search engine optimization campaign can be for your law firm. 

Are you a bit curious about how many cases SEO can drive on a monthly basis? You’re in the right place.

We’re going to give you information on the top five local Atlanta personal injury firms along with expert measurements on the strength of their SEO strategy and campaigns.

Like the most informed SEO strategists, we’re using internet service provider data to measure your competition in Atlanta. This will give you a great idea of just how profitable a well planned SEO campaign can be for your personal injury law firm.

Fact is, every single month there are plenty of consumers performing searches for personal injury related terms. Your goal is to be in front of them when they’re looking for relative information. We can help you do just that.

While there are lots of cases generated in Atlanta on a daily basis because of the size of the market, you won’t see any of them unless you market your firm properly.

We hope that you enjoy our findings and that you can use the data here to grow your Atlanta personal injury law firm.

Let’s commence with our findings.

SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers in Atlanta

John Foy & Associates

John Foy & Associates

John Foy & Associates

3343 Peachtree Rd NE #350

Atlanta, GA 30326  


phone:  (404) 224-9778

As an SEO professional you immediately know how successful a firm is by looking at their organic traffic numbers and John Foy is no exception to that rule. Seeing that they are driving more than sixteen thousand visits per month to their website should impress anyone in the law firm SEO space.

Not to mention, the traffic value matches up so you know the leads are going to be solid. 

And you’re going to need to be driving a volume of leads to support a full staff of 42 attorneys. 

On the lead front, assuming they are converting at a top tier rate, this firm is seeing more than 1000 leads per month coming in through their organic search engine optimization campaign. If that’s not food for thought I don’t know what is. 

Even if they’re only converting at a mid tier rate, they are still seeing nearly 700 leads from their SEO campaign every single month. It’s at this level when conversion rate optimization and testing becomes quite important.

I’ve got nothing bad to say about this campaign other than there’s still room for growth with some of the big law websites hogging up the top spots. With some solid SEO strategy these sites can be taken down a notch, literally.

Their backlinks aren’t as high quality as I would like to see personally but they’re obviously quite effective. The only problem with backlinks like this is sustainability. They could very well be using a network to build them but that’s just my professional opinion. 

I’m not knocking the strategy at all. Here’s the thing though, focusing on backlinks from higher quality sites would likely put John Foy & Associates on another level in Atlanta. That’s the kind of stuff that we do and at costs that most firms can’t even believe to be true considering all of the backlinks we build to client sites are such high quality.

I’ve got some bad news for John though, there’s another “Strong Arm” in Colorado. You guys are going to have to arm wrestle to see who wins. Ha! Sounds like a great publicity stunt between two very successful personal injury firms. 🙂

John Foy & Associates SEO

Montlick & Associates

Montlick & Associates

Montlick & Associates

17 Executive Park Dr NE

Atlanta, GA 30329


phone:  (404) 529-6333

Motlick & Associates as a firm claims billions of dollars recovered for clients. One of those things they have done right looks to be search engine optimization.

With nearly 7000 visits per month to the website and a traffic value of nearly a quarter million dollars per month you can safely assume that Montlick & Associates are driving some serious case leads through their organic search campaign.

Nothing personal but their marketing seems a bit scripted. Hey, just stating an observation. Maybe it works but I sincerely doubt that they are converting at the top-tier for legal websites. If they were that would lead to more than 400 leads from their SEO campaign.

My guess is the site is converting at the mid to low tier, which at the bottom end would give them roughly 140 leads per month. This is a stark difference from a top-tier conversion rate.

One thing they have done well is create a fairly deep level of content at the offerings level. This is a huge help in matching the content classification algorithm which seeks to match searchers with the most qualified content.

We did notice a lack of what Google would consider high quality links pointing to their website. If they were to embark on a well thought out SEO strategy backed by high quality external links they could easily be competing with John Foy & Associates for the huge chunk of traffic they’re demanding on a monthly basis.

The Atlanta area is wide open for a new firm to come in and completely dominate.

Montlick & Associates SEO

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP

2719 Buford Hwy NE

Atlanta, GA 30324


phone:  (404) 321-1700

Boasting eleven attorneys and a solid team to back them up, the Butler Wooten & Peak brand has a good feel to it. They have well done videos and on their case results page display wins against some very large companies. This means they have the resources available to litigate against the biggest companies out there.

While the partners may have their law practice running like a well oiled machine, their SEO is not performing nearly as well as it could be. It’s probably not their fault; it looks like their marketing director was an attorney herself.

I’m not knocking it, it’s probably fairly smart. Although how many attorneys do you know that understand search engine optimization at a very deep level? If you look at the difference in traffic numbers between a firm like John Foy versus this firm, the sheer difference in magnitude of leads you could be driving every single month is astounding.

The internal supporting structure of the site isn’t top notch and you have very few supporting links in the right places. This is the stuff an SEO firm in the 99th percentile can help you with. We see your other sites as well. This is a tactic that is outdated, there’s no need for this anymore. It’s still a good sales tool for law firm SEO companies though and we’re okay with putting a stop to it.

On to the number of leads this firm is driving per month. Assuming top tier conversion rates, they are most likely driving often more than five leads per day through their organic search engine optimization campaign. If they are converting at a mid-tier rate, that number drops to just over 3 leads per day via organic search.

A strong firm should have a very strong organic SEO strategy backing them up. Give us a call, Brooke. We love working with great people. We would feel really good about taking a firm like Butler Wooten & Peak to the top of the SERPS.

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP SEO

Hornsby Law Group

Hornsby Law Group

Hornsby Law Group

1180 W Peachtree St NW #2220

Atlanta, GA 30309


phone:  (404) 577-1505

I have to go out on a limb here and say this website is a classic. Well, it’s definitely antiquated and they don’t even use an SSL certificate. This is a standard of trust with most websites today, especially in the personal injury space.

They consist of a small team but their organic campaign is still driving visits to the tune of 1800 visits per month. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess bottom tier conversion rates or lower which means a lead per day if they’re lucky.

Their SEO strategy looks a bit antiquated just like their website but it has held on through the years. This means that the market is so open for competition it’s almost unbelievable. If you’re a competing law firm this is the time to run circles around the competition in Atlanta.

Hornsby Law Group SEO

Kaufman Law, P.C.

Kaufman Law, P.C.

Kaufman Law, P.C.

100 Galleria Pkwy SE #1100

Atlanta, GA 30339


phone:  (404) 355-4000

One of the smaller firms on this list with a team of five attorneys, Kaufman Law is still driving a fair amount of organic search traffic every single month. The one thing that concerns us here is the actual traffic value. For those that aren’t familiar the traffic value is essentially a PPC comparison to organic traffic numbers. Basically, if you were paying for this traffic every month, this is the number you would be paying.

The higher that number the more likely they are driving searches for terms that have a high propensity for conversion to cases. Comparing their organic traffic to that of the Hornsby Law group above, it’s nearly half. That’s a bit concerning but it’s common for an SEO strategy not to be well planned out.

This is the kind of stuff we thrive on.

If you’re looking at the potential leads from their campaign and assume they are converting at mid-tier rates then they are likely driving more than a couple of leads per day through their organic search campaign.

Thing is, there’s so much room for growth here but they’re just not doing it right. The blog isn’t done correctly at least not from an SEO standpoint and it’s unlikely to make an impact in the SERPS. It could even cause problems if they keep in the current route they’re on.

This is the kind of firm we personally love working with. A solid website in place, a marketing team we can point in the right direction to work in tandem with and a great group of attorneys that can handle an influx of personal injury cases.

Kaufman Law, P.C. SEO

SEO For Personal Injury Lawyers In Atlanta Georgia

We offer full and exclusive SEO campaign management services for select personal injury attorneys and currently have an opening in Atlanta Georgia. We price our services on a monthly basis. If you’re interested in learning more about the local Atlanta market please call us today at 800-405-0060.

Intelligent SEO For Personal Injury Lawyers In Atlanta

Have you ever wondered what SEO can do for your Atlanta Georgia based personal injury law firm? We’ve put together some numbers that might surprise you.

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SEO For Personal Injury Lawyers In Atlanta Georgia

We offer full and exclusive SEO campaign management services for select personal injury attorneys and currently have an opening in Atlanta Georgia. We price our services on a monthly basis. If you’re interested in learning more about the local Atlanta market please call us today at 800-405-0060.

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