Module 4: Machine Learning

Google has put significant effort in five different directions that impact the output of their algorithm to a very high degree. These areas of the algorithm are separate but cross over to impact all aspects of SEO.

We want to help you understand these so that you can understand Google better, especially where they're headed. These areas are hugely important to the way Google ranks web pages. Here we teach you about these separate algorithm inputs and the impact they will have on your SEO campaign.

Project A.R.T.

Project A.R.T.

In this tutorial we will explain to you how machine learning is impacting your rankings but also how you can correlate their machine learning goals with a simple acronym. Welcome to Project A.R.T. Anything that Google can do from an algorithmic standpoint to impact these metrics, they will do. Everything we’ve seen them do over the last 15+ years has all boiled down to this simple acronym. Our mission with this simple but very valuable lesson is to help you become a natural SEO.

Google Speak

Google Speak

Our goal with this section on machine learning and terminology is to give some relatable insight into how the Google engineering team thinks and how they are working machine learning into their algorithm. In this tutorial we will explain to you what Google is talking about. Well, at least how they look at and refer to their own technology. Understanding this will help you become a better SEO as it will also help you understand their limitations. It's just an algorithm.

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Chris Walker

More than a decade and a half of SEO research and analysis around Google's machine learning algorithm. Focused on hyper-effective strategies to create powerful SEO campaigns.

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